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My Voip provider has been Axsit (Mississauga, ON). They are no longer answering their phones, or replying to support requests. My VoIP service is now down as well, so I am assuming they are shutting down (or have shut down) operations.

I would like to get my number back up. Your site says I can port my current number (902) 982-2345 over (to you?). Assuming I do this, how do I then setup my current ATA to enable my home phone to receive incoming calls and make outgoing calls with Skype as my provider? Or is this even possible? Or do I need a special Skype ATA device?

Also, I can’t even log into my User Panel at Axsit now, so I have no way of obtaining a bill to prove this is my number? How do I get around that?


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    Wednesday, July 06 2016, 09:52 PM - #permalink
    if you have an email from them showing account number or phone number or something , we can try to port it over.
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