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How do i make the order, how to make the payment? can i pay by credit card or email interact from online banking?,

can i call you to make the order?
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    Thursday, December 03 2015, 09:26 PM - #permalink
    Ordering Your Skypein Number is easy, You can either buy a new number or move your existing number from any canadian provider like rogers, bell, vonage etc etc.

    Here is how to make the Order:
    On our Home page, choose your city code.
    Click to choose a new number or port over your canadian phone line
    Put your details, like name address contact number.
    click the order button and you will be redirected to payment page, where you can put your credit card, if you dont want to pay by credit card,

    You can still make the order and send us email interact from your online banking to sales @ with your order number or login name.

    All orders are instantly processed, you will get email with your new skypein number, that you can use to answer calls wherever on skype, and anyone can call you on this number from any place in the world, its just a normal canadian phone number.

    You can also setup many other features, like welcome greeting, sms notification, call forwarding to your mobile or to your multiple sales staff etc etc, there are no limits on phone system, its completely free.

    You can also call us anytime but we cannot process your order on phone.
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