How it Works ?

Your new phone system (new version 2024 non flash) is a fully-featured, cloud-based virtual PBX that is fully compatible with all landlines, mobile phones and computers, SIP devices and multi-line desktop phones.


You can setup Multiple users, remote offices, call centre services, voice information system etc.


Your New Phone System is powered by essential PBX services such as voice menus, voicemail to email, conferencing, queuing, time and caller routing, internal extensions, dial tone access and more.

Full mobile access is supported through iOS and Android-based applications, making smart phones an integral part of the system. In addition, separate instances of your phone voice systems may be simply and securely interconnected wherever they are in the world via the phone systems Interlink feature, allowing your remote offices and users to behave as a single telephone network.


Your New Phone System Features
  • Receive calls & SMS;
  • Make outbound calls (extra feature verification required);
  • Assign extension numbers that can reach users anywhere in the world;
  • Forward calls to any phone number or destination (extra feature verification required);
  • Play back custom recorded messages to callers;
  • Direct calls using extension numbers;
  • Send calls to a voicemail box;
  • Send voicemail messages to selected email addresses;
  • Receive faxes and forward them to an email address;
  • Implement time and caller routing scenarios;
  • Receive notifications for specified call events;
  • Host conference calls;
  • Implement blacklists to block incoming calls;
  • Interconnect multiple phone systems;

You can quickly configure your new online phone systems via a web browser like chrome,firefox, safarai, internet explorer etc.