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Peertel Communications

Peertel Communications

A Business Solution Provider based in Toronto, ONT. Canada.

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Powered By

Our Portal Systems provided & hosted by Alibaba Cloud Computing Platform Infrastructure.

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Reliability & Availability

Reliability & Availability

Our Servers are load balanced on Alibaba Cloud Computing Platform Node Servers and guaranteed to be available upto 99.99% throughout the year!



We are committed to provide you a better service at a fraction of cost compared to other telecommunication vendors.

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  • 3cx Phone Systems & hosted by OVH Montreal.

  • Portal Systems provided & hosted by Alibaba Cloud.

  • DNS System by Alibaba Cloud.

  • SSL Session Encryption Commodo.

  • Payment System by Paypal.


Peertel Communications:

1 King Street West, Suite 4208 Toronto, Ontario M5H 1A1, Canada. Tel : +16472598695, Fax: 16472598695x6