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Setting Up Your Skypein Number | Skypein Canada Number in Just 3$ Monthly

We provide a canadian phone number for your Skype, When anyone dial that number from any phone or land line from anywhere, your Skype application on pc or mobile app will ring and you can talk as you normally do.


With a Skype personal online number (also called SkypeIn), anyone from anywhere in the world can talk to you by dialing the phone number, it is just a phone call for them, but they can reach you anytime, as long as you are online logged onto your skype app, whether on your mobile or pc.

 skype in web browser

And now even in the browser and if you arent online calls can be forwarded to your mobile, or to your voicemail, so you can hear it in your email.

skypein canada number

To make skype to skype calls or skype to land / mobile calls you dont need a personal number, just use skype or skype out topup, but for people to be able to call you on Skype using a traditional phone or mobile phone, they need a number to call.

So when you signup at for SkypeIn, we provide you a canadian number for your Skype, since skype does not provide canadian numbers, once you make the order we will give you your very own personal skypein phone number.

We use Licsensed Skype for Asterisk PBX Technology, its cloud-based virtual PBX system that is fully compatible with all landlines, mobile phones with Skype App and SIP devices .

 skypein add on services

Many other features in addition to skypein such as welcome greeting menus, conferencing, queuing, time based and caller routing, internal extensions, voicemail to email, dial tone access and much more for totally free, there is no cost on features.



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